Clean Eating Challenge Week 3

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This Clean Eating Challenge Week 3! This is where I reach the halfway point in my challenge.week was a doozy. At work, we expected to be super busy, due to events being held in our neighborhood, so I ended up picking up a couple of extra shifts, one a double and the other on my only day off, so I have had so little time to stop and think, let alone write!

Day 15:

Ah another Monday. I had a late breakfast of coffee and plain Greek yogurt with fruit. And more coffee. Seriously, I think I drink more coffee on Mondays than any other day of the week. For lunch/early dinner, I went to In-N-Out on my way to work. This is one of the few restaurants, let alone fast food, that I absolutely know whats in it. Since I’m avoiding processed foods like sugar and flour, that means no bun or processed cheese, but that’s no problem, I can get my burger without both. Add some grilled onions and chopped chilies and I am set! For real though, it was so good and I got to see some of my friends who still work there! Bonus! At work I just snack on nuts and dried fruit when I have a minute between tables. In-N-Out always keeps me pretty full for a long time. Today also marks the halfway point of my challenge.

Day 16:

I have lots of broccoli left from last week, so I have a broccoli potato scramble for breakfast. I’m at work through lunch, so I bring a sliced apple and some little cheeses for a snack. This is the day I agree to come in on my day off to help out with the oncoming busy week. Yay extra hours, boo no day off this week. For dinner I finish off the rest of my broccoli with some grilled chicken. I also made a big batch of brown rice, which I have plans for later in the week.

Day 17:

I don’t have to go to work until the afternoon, so I take a little extra time with breakfast and make a frittata. Plus I’ll have it to eat tomorrow morning when I have to be at work early. I have a little snack mid morning of the last of my dried fruit and decide to eat an early dinner, since I won’t have time to eat at work. I use some of the rice I made last night to make burrito bowls! Meat, beans,  salsa, avocado and a little cheese. So good and so filling!

Day 18:

I really like my Thursdays. I get to go to work early (For me, for anyone else it’s mid morning) and I’m off by 3. It’s such a chill day. I have the rest of my frittata for breakfast, and bring some iced coffee to work. This whole week has been so nice and warm! Definitely iced coffee weather. I brought cheese and apples to work again, it was such a yummy combo! After work I go to the car wash, which is always fun. Dinner is another burrito bowl! So good leftover.

Day 19:

Today is one of my longer days, the shift I have is a mid shift, so I’ll get the day and night rushes. Knowing this, I probably should have planned my breakfast better. But no, I just have coffee and yogurt. The day shift wasn’t too busy, but we had a lot of prep work to do, and lets just say, not everyone on shift really understood how busy the night would be. I was fortunate to have a few minutes to make a quick salad at work. By the time I was done, I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Day 20:

Today I planned a little bit better and had eggs with sweet potato hash for breakfast. It made a huge difference. Unfortunately, today was the busiest day yet, and I didn’t have time for anything but a quick salad at work later in the evening. I later apologized to my co workers for my hangry mood. In my hungered confusion, I agree to come in after my shift at another restaurant and work the night on Sunday.

Day 21:

Not only will today be very very long, but it’s also valentines day! Which means I can have a break from the challenge if I want it. I had planned on making stuffed shells Bolognese, but since I’m now working two shifts, I choose to make a pizza at one restaurant before I have to go to the other. The egg and potato scramble I had for breakfast stuck with me pretty well, and I did get an iced coffee from my beloved Starbucks on my way in. Also a cookie, which I decided I would need more at the end of the day, because I’m a planner. Let me tell you, I was so glad to have that pizza. It definitely kept me full all night, even if it did feel kinda heavy in my stomach. It seemed like Murphy’s Law was the order of the day. I was glad to go home, shower, and eat my damn cookie. Only two more days until I get my day off. Also, and more importantly, only 9 more days until I can have a Cadbury Creme Egg! Because as we all know, the day after valentines is the day that stores stock Easter candy. Best time of the year.

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