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Clean Eating Challenge Week 4 +! Join me on the final days of my clean eating challenge!Finally, on to the home stretch! Only 9 days left in my challenge, and let me tell ya, I really want a sandwich. Oh bread and pasta, how I long for you! But now that the end is in sight, I’m going to push through and make it! I’ll also be counting down the days until I can have a Cadbury Creme Egg. I think only my family can truly understand my obsession with this springtime treat. I’m not going to think about what all that sugar will do to me after so long without…

Day 22:

Mondays are like the turning point where I can see my day off coming, and I just want to jump right to it. As usual when I work at night, I take a slow morning with my cup of coffee while I wake up. After a while, I remembered that I had part of a steak to cook in the fridge so I made myself steak and eggs for my brunch. While I was at work I had just enough time to make a salad and run back and eat a few bites every now and then. It’s a good thing I like salad, because it’s the only thing we have at my work that I can eat. At home, I have half an apple and a mug of tea to unwind. One more day until this very long work week is over! T- 9 days until creme eggs.

Day 23:

Today is my Friday, and I am so done. It’s day 13 without a day off. It’ll be a nice paycheck but I’m so ready for my day off. Breakfast is my usual coffee, plus my favorite sweet potato hash. Omnomnom. I’m only at work for a couple of hours, so I didn’t bother bringing any lunch with me. At home I have the other half of my apple as a snack. The burrito bowls last week were so good I wanted to have them again. I’ve noticed that the less sugar I have in my food, the more heat I want. Seems like a good trade to me. T- 8 days until creme eggs.

Day 24:

I’m free! Finally my day off! Today I’m driving to Carson to see my Mom! Yay! I just had coffee and some yogurt for breakfast, plus the iced coffee I took for the drive down. However, it was so windy out that I kinda forgot about my coffee until I got there. Oops. We went to lunch at Chili’s, which was something of a challenge. I never noticed that just about everything on their menu is breaded or sandwich or tortilla’d or glazed. I settled on their chipotle chicken rice bowl aka burrito bowl. Overall I think it was a pretty clean choice. I can’t vouch for what they put in their sauces, but there wasn’t much of it, so I feel like this was a win. Dinner was chicken and some sweet potatoes with some hot sauce for a little sweet hot flavor. It was such a nice way to spend my day off. T- 7 days until creme eggs.

Day 25:

Today I actually got up early! I decided to make an egg white frittata with potato, carrot and spinach. I tossed half a minced shallot in the mix and it was a good choice. Super hard to save half for tomorrow. It was a good thing I was up early, because when I looked out my window, I saw and inch of snow and the local news station was saying that roads in town were chain controlled and stay home if you can, so I left for work crazy early. Totally unnecessary. The roads were basically clear by the time I left. It snowed while I was at work for about an hour, and when I left at 3 it was sunny and dry and all the snow was melted. Go figure.  For lunch, I just brought half a sliced apple and a couple of baby bels to snack on. For dinner I have the rest of my burrito fixings. T- 6 days until creme eggs.

Day 26:

Fridays are always long days, so in addition to my coffee and frittata, I bring a big iced coffee to work with me. I go ahead and have a late lunch/dinner at work of salad with chicken. At least we have lots of different veggies I can mix it up with. I’m starting to realize that I should eat more regularly, since I’m only eating two real meals a day, with maybe a snack somewhere. As hard as I try, I cannot live on coffee alone. T- 5 days until creme eggs.

Day 27:

I had picked up some chorizo when I was shopping and promptly forgot about it until today! So I’m having chorizo and eggs. I love chorizo and eggs. Dinner is pretty much exactly the same as yesterday. Even when I’m eating healthy, my diet needs work. It’s just so very hard when you work in a restaurant to find time to eat, forget about eating at the same time every day. T-4 days until creme eggs.

Day 28:

Sundays are a weird morning shift between two night shifts, so they just feel weird. Chorizo and eggs again for breakfast! I have noticed that high protein breakfasts keep me full way longer than things like oatmeal. I decided to make sure I had a snack when I got home, so I made the fancy ants on a log, with the sour cherries. Still one of my favorites. I wanted an easy dinner, so I made a baked potato, topped it with a little salt and two fried eggs. It’s a simple, super cheap meal that fills me up. It’s one meal that I would eat before the challenge that doesn’t need to be changed. And it’s comforting. T- 3 days until creme eggs.

Day 29:

Today started off really well, and I got to sit and enjoy my coffee with my sunshiny morning. I was feeling ambitious, so I tried a recipe for twice baked sweet potatoes and eggs. It seems pretty straight forward, bake a sweet potato, cut it in half and mash it up in its skin, top with an egg and bake until the egg is set. Unfortunately, to get the whites to set all the way (I hate runny egg white) you have to bake it a really long time, and the yolks are completely overdone. Maybe I did it wrong, but it tasted terrible. I felt bad about wasting it, but I just fried a couple of eggs instead. For lunch I had my last apple with some peanut butter and sour cherries. I was glad I ate something, because work was so crazy busy! I mean, these people know its Monday night, right? At one point I had a group of 10 taking up two tables, plus five tables in my own section and a table in someone else’s section because he was so busy too. Seriously, I am a new baby server. We ended up getting out late, and I had no time to eat, so I stopped at my beloved In-N-Out for a Double Meat Protein Style. So worth it. T- 2 days until creme eggs.

Day 30:

It’s the last day of the challenge! I wasn’t feeling super creative this morning, so breakfast was coffee and scrambled eggs. I didn’t bother with a snack, and for dinner I made a salad at work. They’re all pretty much the same, but tonight I remembered to take a picture! Clean Eating Challenge Week 4 +! Join me on the final days of my clean eating challenge!This has been my at work dinner of choice for a while. There’s red onion, cucumber, jalapenos, and diced tomatoes tossed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil with a little salt, pepper, and herbs and grilled chicken, which I then plopped on some romaine (the only lettuce we have) and added a little feta.  So yummy and super filling. After work I made myself a nice cup of tea to sit down and write this out.

Overall, I feel better physically and mentally. My pants fit better, I’m sleeping better, and I don’t feel as moody, aside from when I get hangry that is. I never felt like I was making myself go hungry for this challenge. I think this has been a good experience for me, and has helped me see that I can stick to something, and also that even if you feel like you’re slipping up, you can always start again. One mistake doesn’t undo weeks of work. I don’t think I’ll do this again, at least, not for a whole month at a time, but I definitely want to keep a few things. For example, cut back on the sugar. I think that was the biggest problem in the way I felt. I also want to keep having lots of fresh whole foods in my regular routine. I want to add back in bread and pasta though, but its good to know that I don’t have to rely on them for the base of my meals. Thank you for following me on this journey! By the time you read this, it will be Wednesday, and I will be eating a Cadbury Creme Egg.

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    I loved following you during the Challenge! I’m not sure I could have done it. Looking forward to your next Foodie Adventure!

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